PL_TQT (The Quarter Theory)


EURUSD weekly 001

The "Quarter Theory"

understand itself as a universal theory, how forex trading works.
She is focused on the 1000 pip range between the big, whole numbers ("Major Whole Numbers") of the currency exchange rates and divides this range in 4 equal parts, called "Large Quarters", these parts correspond to a 250 pip range.
With even a greater precision you can, according to the theory, zoom in to the "100 PIP Range" and the "small Quarter = 25pips.

The relevant price levels are therefore:

"Large Quarters":
  • 250
  • 550
  • 750
  • 1000
"Small Quarters":
  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 25



The "PL_TQT" function is a tool for visualizing the "Large Quarters" and saves you a lot of time.



The "PL_TQT" function draws price levels according to the "Quarter-Theory" into the charts.

Special Features:

    • the quotation of the instrument  (par example  1:1 oder 1:100 in currencies) is taken in account
    • the price levels are automatically adjusted and drawn.
    • with ONE KEYSTROKE you can show or hide the lines
    • the lines are automatically hidden in higher timeframes


For currency pairs with 1:1 quotation par example EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD etc. the lines are drawn on the #,0250, #,0500, #,0750 and #,1000 level.
For currency pairs with 1:100 quotatioen par example USC/JPY, EUR/JPY, GPB/JPY etc. the lines are drawn on the #2,50, #5,00, #7,50 and #10,00 level.


With the "PL_TQT" function you can:

      • check visually the Theory very easy and fast
      • use the lines for your trading and develop your own tradingideas based on this theory


The "PL_TQT" function is part of the TT4Y_fxLevelLines, which are offered as a  subscription (tools with dataservice).


An example

      • EURUSD Weekly

EURUSD weekly 001


More examples

      • with different instruments and different chart settings

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