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The TT4Y_TimeBoxes provide you as a trader many predefined time boxes for analyzing visually price movements based on the dimension time.

The following types of time boxes are implemented for example:

  • hours
  • hours, colored depending on the session
  • sessions
  • session phase
  • reversal times
  • quiet trading phases


Supported Chart Types

Depending on the trading platform the TimeBoxes can be inserted in (almost) any chart type. For example:
  • time based
  • tick
  • tange
  • renko
  • volume
  • Heikin Ashi
  • ThreeLineBreak

Special Features:

  • proper consideration of the sommer- and wintertime for all time zones in use (sessions, exchange opening times)
  • auto hide on higher time periods

Configuration of the Tradingplatform

  • Prerequisite: GMT (UTC) as time zone
  • Recomendation: light grey background


 This Indikator is a versatile, useful tool. For example:

  • for the analysis of price movements
    • when occure which price movements ?
    • how agree the price movements with the signals of your trading system?
    • which technical analysis tool would also be helpful?
  • for the vizualization of session "phases" (Pre-Opening, Opening, Main, Lunch, Close)
  • for the vizualization of certain trading systems, for example London-Breakout

Maintenance Of Data

The data will be maintained by us and retrieved by the indicator.


Für die Plattform JForex/Dukascopy sind die "TT4Y_TimeBoxes" als Indikator implementiert.
Wird der Indikator in ein Chart eingefügt werden die ausgewählen Timeboxen (abhängig von Ihren Berechtigungen) in den Chart eingezeichnet.


Sie erhalten die "TT4Y_TimeBoxes" zusammen mit den TT4Y_fxLevelLines, die Ihnen in Form eines Abonnements (Produkt und Datenservice) angeboten werden.


Sample Timebox


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Contact Information

Mag. Karlheinz Mungenast
Ueberbergweg 16d
A-6091 Goetzens / Austria

0043 720 60 11 28

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